Friends for 50 years at the Ashram’s 50th

katherine-sage-01Katherine Sage from Kitchener, Ontario has made five trips to the Ashram. This year two lifelong friends joined her, Evelyn Connell and Janice Works. This trio of friends participated in the 50th Anniversary Signature Course, “Who Am I?”. Katherine shares her experience.

Fifty years is a long time to be friends. Evelyn, Janice and I have known each other through early childhood, first boyfriends, careers, marriages and babies. Then there were the divorces, depressions and aging parents. Now we’re on an upswing again – discovering new strengths, new love and a world full of possibilities. We are still the closest, kindest and funniest of friends.

When they decided to join me at the Ashram, I had some concerns. This was the “Who Am I?” workshop, and much of our friendship is based on our firm belief that we know each other completely. And we laugh too much. What would it be like to slow down the laughter, break up those images and see each other in a spiritual light?

I realized that fifty years ago, just as I was meeting my lifelong friends, Swami Radha was walking the shoreline and planning the Ashram. Her life’s work has helped guide me to a happiness I could only imagine. Now her guidance will be there for my friends as well.

I let go and trusted the process. Through the amazing workshop, we reached a deeper understanding of ourselves – and even more love and compassion for each other. We left the Ashram arm-in-arm. I could feel the miraculous sound of our laughter bounce off the balcony and dissolve into the Light.

You are invited to bring your friends, families, colleagues and students on a pilgrimage to the Ashram during our 50th Anniversary Year. A group from Cranbrook recently visited for karma yoga and a workshop, “Creating Sacred Space,” especially designed for them. Contact us for more info!


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