Ten Life-Changing Days

10-daysThree women in the 2015 Yoga Development Course recently reflected on their experience of the 10 Days of Yoga as fertile ground for future growth.

“The 10 Days is a sweet introduction to the teachings,” commented Margaret Pokroy of Edmonton. “Through the overview of the practices, I was attracted to everything – the Divine Feminine, the Light, mantras, the energy here.”

“This was the longest retreat I’d ever taken,” recalled Marcia Bamber of Ottawa. “It helped me to let go, relax and embrace what I was learning. I felt significantly calmer afterwards, and it lasted for a long time.”

Marilyn Allpress, who had been doing yoga for 25 years, took an outreach class in Toronto, where Swami Radhananda encouraged her to come to the Ashram. “The 10 Days changed me. My feet became more firmly planted in who I am; I dealt with things differently, and my friends noticed.”

The three women expressed how the practices help both in their daily lives and in their healing professions. The 10 Days created a desire for more, and all three returned for this year’s YDC. They continue to be thrilled by “the incredible food, beautiful spacious rooms and the amazing level of acceptance and support from the teachers and teachings.”

The 10 Days of Yoga is offered four times this year. Consider it for yourself or for someone you know!


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