Turning Symbols Upside Down

clare-life-sealsLife Seals, one of Swami Radha’s original self-development courses, is offered twice this year, May 8 and July 27. Clare Bateson describes how one of the 27 symbols she drew in her Life Seals course in the Yoga Development Course (YDC) started to come to life and bring new insight. 

I put my Life Seals up on my wall and applied every new practice we learned in the YDC to it. I realized symbolism is both universal and deeply personal.

One seal was quiet for the first couple of months but spoke to me when I “headstanded” it and took a fresh, upside-down look. I had drawn it to represent the positive quality of being hard-working. It originally looked like a snowplow and brought the word “horsepower” to mind. Upside down, it became a sailboat.

This perception came at the end of a three-month process in the YDC of learning to be kinder to myself. I realized that not only has my approach to “hard work” become softer and more sustainable, but my own efforts are being supported and carried forward by something else less tangible. What a gift from my subconscious!


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