Creating Spiritual Focus

cn-tonyWhen Tony and C.N. Dunne of Oregon thought about doing something special for their 20th wedding anniversary, they chose Yasodhara Ashram. Their four-day stay – Tony’s first visit and C.N.’s “homecoming” – created a new bond between them.

“We wanted to bring a spiritual focus into our lives,” C.N. notes. “Now we can do the Divine Light Invocation together, with a renewed commitment to do it more frequently and with each other.” The timely Relationships: Challenge and Choice workshop was, they said, “perfect for us.”

Life at the Ashram inspired the couple. “The fact the Ashram is going strong after 50-plus years makes it an example of doing a lot right. The spiritual aspect. The environmental aspect. You have a lot to show others. The Ashram is very different than a resort. Here everybody is working toward a common goal of serving.”

“I loved how there are so many different people here from different backgrounds, but they’re all there for one purpose – all focusing on the Light,” reflects Tony.

They agree, “Here, the atmosphere aligns itself to the objectives. It’s very restful – so quiet and peaceful. This takes a lot of work – and a lot of love.”


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