Peeling Back the Layers

selena-burtonOver the past five years of teaching in the Yukon, Selena Burton has returned to Yasodhara Ashram each summer to help her understand and meet the challenges of her work.

Anytime there is a dynamic of fourteen to twenty kids, it can end up being a spinning beehive. It’s important to be clear what my triggers are so that I’m not working from a place of reaction. At Yasodhara Ashram, I have a good look at what’s happening inside me. This is helpful not only in my interactions with kids, but also with teachers.

The Ashram gives me the ability to listen to the voice inside. With my Life Seals last summer, I noticed things I wanted to change in my life. This summer I did the Relaxation Retreat, thinking not a lot would come up because it was an easier teaching year and I was just going to relax. That concept was blown out of the water! Being more relaxed and having space to think about things, my body was able to process past “stuff” that had accumulated at a deeper level.

Coming to the Ashram allows me to be nurtured and feel good about myself, to peel back layers so that I feel relaxed, whole and healthy when I start teaching again in September.


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