Perspectives on the Temple of Light

Luke Stern, Manager of Design Research at Patkau Architects, sheds some light on the cutting edge techniques used to design and construct the Temple of Light. He explains how unconventional design tools are informing the digital fabrication process to create this geometrically complex structure.

4 Responses to “Perspectives on the Temple of Light”

  1. Robin Macdonald

    I love the ways this clear and articulate architect and the Ashram’s commitment to communication and connection are supporting me to stay connected to the wisdom guiding this Temple transition . Thank you for the inspiration from the Gatineau hills of Quebec!

  2. Purnima faith

    As I’ve said, enjoyed the videos from the beginning – they bring better perspective for me that this is actually possible!

  3. Claire Gilmore

    This is so interesting! I love to see that in addition to the role the temple project has within the Ashram community, it has this role in the wider world of advancing architectural and building practices – bringing them out of the box of the conventional/how things have always been done. The mind-shift involved in that seems very much in line with the Teachings. Thanks for this illuminating video!

  4. Lynn Fairey

    Very inspiring and exciting. Swami Radha is loving it I am sure!


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