10 Inspiring Responses to the 10 Day Yoga Journey

In May 2017, we asked participants of our 10 Day Yoga Journey course: What has your time meant to you? What have you come away with? What inspired you? Here are their responses:

  1. “This has done incredible things for my self-awareness. The workshop showed me things I never would have discovered on my own as well as giving me tools to improve my self-directed work. This was my second trip and I learned I will be back when I have integrated this understanding into my daily life and am ready to take the next step. Like a university of the soul, it encourages independent thought and the development of all attendees in their independent circumstances.”
  2. “It has been an oasis of time to get to the centre of me. I know I have lots to work on as I leave but feel I have the foundation to continue the work started here. I expected more Hatha yoga practice and had moments of why am I here during the Life Seals workshop, but learned so much from everything. I have been inspired by the serenity of the Ashram and the camaraderie of the community. I loved Hidden Language, chanting and satsang most. I probably learned most from Life Seals. I have much work to get thru Kundalini.”
  3. “My time here has shone a light on my current situation. I am not at any particular transition or crisis; just living my day to day. Yoga has helped me get centered and relaxed and I thought 10 days would help me incorporate it into my life more consistently. I learned so much more than I thought I would. I learned that I have quite a few things in my life needing adjustment. I am inspired to learn more about yoga through the practices I’ve learned.”
  4. “My time was incredible, this was a vacation from work and I cannot think of time better spent. The things I have learned have the potential to change my life. I have learned so much about finding balance in my mind, body and spirit. I very much appreciated the practical approach to learning and never telling the answers, only guiding them to me. I am ever so grateful and look forward to my future visits.”
  5. “I’ve really valued my time here. I’m filled with more intention and I think I have a cleared idea of my future. I also was able to let go of some things that had been weighing me down. Thank you.”
  6. “It’s been an incredible experience of awareness! That if I listen to what my body is telling me it would benefit my life. That there are answers to my questions? The whole process inspired me.”
  7. “My time here has been very rewarding. I will leave with new knowledge and understanding of Yoga and myself! Our group of diverse wonderful individuals were very inspiring. All instructors appear to have reached a place of calm I search for.”
  8. “I had hoped to change something, to open up my heart, to go deeper in my spiritual life. And, I have done that. Although I often felt fatigued, I can say that I learned a lot that I can use in my life. I am in the 3rd trimester of my life, so any changes are necessary. I felt most inspired by mantra, life seals, DLI, relaxation, our group itself and I learned from reflecting, going inside and listening to what I need.”
  9. “Some of what I gained: time to read and learn more about myself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; being around like-minded positive people; good nourishment for the body and soul; Satsangs were wonderful way to end the day; seeing the Temple was highlight of the last day.”
  10. “My time here has been incredible, so inspirational. I have learned so many great yoga tools, mantra, divine light, dream yoga, life seals, kundalini and karma yoga. I feel I am on a path of yoga and need to know more. I have come away with the realization that this is the correct path for me. “Paths are many but the truth is one.””

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