We All Live Together – Satsang With Swami Matananda
Swami Matananda takes us behind the scenes to the making of the satsangs and what it means to be part of a community and seamless teamwork. We get a chance to hear what working on these satsangs has meant for … Read more » Read more »

Expanding Awareness – Satsang With Swami Sivananda
Swami Sivananda offers satsang and asks us to explore our everyday awareness. As he states, “Every step to become more aware is a victory, no matter how small that might be.” In every small step, every moment, we can learn … Read more » Read more »

Practice and Patience – Satsang With Swami Padmananda
Swami Padmananda welcomes you to the Temple of Light, to the arrival of spring blossoms, and to the importance of practice for living our ideals. Connect with the Ashram community worldwide as you take time to “Be Still and Know” … Read more » Read more »

We Are One in the Light – Satsang With Swami Sukhananda
Swami Sukhananda talks about the opportunity we currently have to support one another during the pandemic. What is the role of yoga in this – in ourselves, in our global community, in our local community? Read more »

Dancing with the Unknown – Satsang With Swami Satyananda
Swami Satyananda in the Temple of Light as she speaks about the dance we are all moving to during this time. Connect with the sound and vibration of mantra. Enjoy the devotional music of the Elastic Band, with thanks to … Read more » Read more »

Change and Choices – Satsang With Swami Jyotihananda
Description: Swami Jyotihananda offered satsang May 10 with the Elastic Band. Experience her inspiring talk relevant to today’s world, along with mantra, music and community connection in the Temple of Light. Read more »

The Heart of Grounding – Satsang With Swami Samayananda
We aired this pre-recorded Satsang on May 3. We hope you enjoy this talk, music and mantra with Swami Samayananda in The Temple of Light. Read more »

The Power of Vision – Satsang with Swami Lalitananda
We aired this pre-recorded satsang on April 26. We hope you enjoy this talk, music and mantra with Swami Lalitananda in the Temple of Light. Read more »

Power Of Community – Newsletter Issue 2, 2020
Newsletter Issue 2 Issue 2, April 2020 Power of Community It’s spring at Yasodhara Ashram – sometimes snowing even as the crocuses bloom. Surrounded by forests and mountains, a sparkling lake, the freshly dug garden, we are together with others who … Read more » Read more »