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Walking Toward Liberation
I want to trust my intuition and to take risks. I want to be able to tell others how I feel and what I believe. I want to live a full and meaningful life. How can I gather the courage to do this? Read more »

forgiveness orange nested leaves
The Dynamic Process of Forgiveness
Struck by the strength of Katy’s immediate decision to forgive, I couldn’t help but be awed by her recognition of her power of choice. In a moment teeming with uncertainty and loss, Katy acknowledged her ability to decide how to respond to the tragedy. Read more »

Trusting My Intrinsic Worth
I pause and think maybe I should try a different tactic. Maybe I should look at the situation from a yogic perspective. Why has the Divine presented me with this situation? What can I learn? Read more »

The Peace We Build
From a distanced Western perspective, conflict in the Middle East used to feel like a confusing jumble of war that happens far away. After spending three months there witnessing the war up close it became no less confusing. Read more »

Relinquishing Control
I want to listen to the small, sweet voice of the soul, even in places that aren’t always seen as spiritual like my work for a non-profit and my personal financial planning. Read more »

Listening to Pain
By Bryn Bamber. I get a small sick feeling inside but I don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I say yes. Yes, come over even though I’m tired. Yes, don’t worry about bringing my keys back. Yes. I say yes to him and... Read more »

Women Holding the Earth
Yasodhara Ashram is a place where we honour the feminine – those qualities that are separate of sex, race or even gender – and invite an intersectional dialogue on what it means to be a spiritual aspirant in the world today.... Read more »

What I Learned from Trump
I was sitting with a couple of friends when the conversation took a quick turn from Pokemon Go to Donald Trump. And then it was Trump story after Trump story. Trump inciting violence, Trump contradicting himself, Trump’s racism. And all I wanted to do... Read more »

Getting Unstuck
By Bryn Bamber. Some days I come home from work completely drained. I crawl into bed and turn on Netflix. I forget to make dinner. I eat popcorn. I melt cheese on a tortilla in the microwave and dip it in ketchup. I watch... Read more »