climbing sideways swimming sideways going nowhere
Walking Toward Liberation
I want to trust my intuition and to take risks. I want to be able to tell others how I feel and what I believe. I want to live a full and meaningful life. How can I gather the courage to do this? Read more »

Trusting My Intrinsic Worth
I pause and think maybe I should try a different tactic. Maybe I should look at the situation from a yogic perspective. Why has the Divine presented me with this situation? What can I learn? Read more »

Relinquishing Control
I want to listen to the small, sweet voice of the soul, even in places that aren’t always seen as spiritual like my work for a non-profit and my personal financial planning. Read more »

Listening to Pain
By Bryn Bamber. I get a small sick feeling inside but I don’t want to hurt his feelings, so I say yes. Yes, come over even though I’m tired. Yes, don’t worry about bringing my keys back. Yes. I say yes to him and... Read more »

What I Learned from Trump
I was sitting with a couple of friends when the conversation took a quick turn from Pokemon Go to Donald Trump. And then it was Trump story after Trump story. Trump inciting violence, Trump contradicting himself, Trump’s racism. And all I wanted to do... Read more »

Getting Unstuck
By Bryn Bamber. Some days I come home from work completely drained. I crawl into bed and turn on Netflix. I forget to make dinner. I eat popcorn. I melt cheese on a tortilla in the microwave and dip it in ketchup. I watch... Read more »

Picking up the Sword
By Bryn Bamber. I didn’t want to write the email. I sat staring at a blank screen and started to second guess my choice. Is this really a good idea? Is the timing right? I had just been promoted at the not-for-profit that I... Read more »

Crossroads, Part Three
By Bryn Bamber. My last night at the Ashram, I cried as the group chanted OM at satsang. I couldn’t sing along because I was crying but the sound felt like a big blanket wrapping all around me and keeping me safe. Read more »

Crossroads, Part Two
By Bryn Bamber. When I got on the ferry it was raining hard. When we arrived on the other side, it was sunny. I met three others on the ferry, all of us on our way to Yasodhara Ashram. Read more »

Finding Yoga: Crossroads, Part One
By Bryn Bamber. It was my first time on a film set. The scene was simple, a black backdrop, a stool, bright lights. There was the air of excitement. The girls being interviewed for the documentary were nervous. Read more »

Finding Yoga


Bryn Bamber is an educator, writer and Yasodhara Yoga teacher. In 2012, Bryn moved to Yasodhara Ashram and spent over two years studying yoga, finding inspiration and learning about the ways she got in her own way.

Currently living in Toronto, she runs workshops about the justice system for youth, professional development workshops for teachers and writes weekly for her website In all of this, her focus is on helping individuals develop courage to face challenging situations in their work and in their lives.

In Finding Yoga, she explores what it means to live a meaningful life and how the tools of yoga can support this quest.