The purpose of Saraswati Muse is to showcase and honour the many ways that the creative feminine force can manifest, as well as to provide content that is thoughtful and uplifting. Through this platform we aim to encourage members of our community to explore their own creativity and support them in having a voice in the community.

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge, music, art and wisdom. The name Saraswati translates to “One Who Flows” in acknowledgement of the original form she took as a river in India. It is said that she transformed to that which is formless to inspire human beings in bringing forth their most creative expressions.Yasodhara Ashram is part of the Saraswati yoga lineage.

Investing in Myself
Laura Vanags is a commercial photographer originally from Canada who currently resides in South Australia. She shares how her time at the Ashram has helped her develop the confidence and courage needed to make positive changes in her life. Read more »

Picking up the Sword
By Bryn Bamber. I didn’t want to write the email. I sat staring at a blank screen and started to second guess my choice. Is this really a good idea? Is the timing right? I had just been promoted at the not-for-profit that I... Read more »

Compassionate Challenge
I am deeply grateful that Swami Radha is my guru. Although she is no longer physically here, her presence is still alive—in the vivid memories of those who knew her, and in the living legacy of the Ashram and her teachings. Read more »

Crossroads, Part Three
By Bryn Bamber. My last night at the Ashram, I cried as the group chanted OM at satsang. I couldn’t sing along because I was crying but the sound felt like a big blanket wrapping all around me and keeping me safe. Read more »

Researching Peace, Inside and Outside
Devin Biviano has been coming to the Ashram for almost twenty years. He recently completed a Masters degree in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution and he reflects on how his time at the Ashram has informed his study of peace, both professionally and personally. Read more »

Crossroads, Part Two
By Bryn Bamber. When I got on the ferry it was raining hard. When we arrived on the other side, it was sunny. I met three others on the ferry, all of us on our way to Yasodhara Ashram. Read more »

Questioning Mind
by Swami Lalitananda. The mind has always intrigued me. Swami Radha’s question, “What is this thing called mind that can keep us prisoner and yet experience such luminosity?” succinctly expresses the mind’s polar diversities. Since we live with our mind at all times, who... Read more »

Reflections from the Path: Beginnings
By Swami Lalitananda. When some of us arrive at Yasodhara Ashram, we recognize a path. This happened to me more than half a lifetime ago now. The yoga seed was already in me. Read more »

Finding Yoga: Crossroads, Part One
By Bryn Bamber. It was my first time on a film set. The scene was simple, a black backdrop, a stool, bright lights. There was the air of excitement. The girls being interviewed for the documentary were nervous. Read more »

A Chef’s Perspective on the Ashram’s Food Production
Okanagan-based chef Giulio Piccioli of One Big Table recently visited the Ashram for a Karma Yoga stay. He shares his perspective on our full cycle approach to food production. Read more »