Here’s what our Artist Retreat guests have to say about their stay.

Pamela Boyd – Artist
I’ve come away with a new practice, a new way of ‘doing my own work’. Being at the ashram I’ve experienced not just a fresh hatha practice, but an all round yoga practice that speaks to my inner needs as well as my outer. Read more »

Raine Hamilton – Musician
Classically trained musician, songwriter and performer Raine Hamilton first heard about the Ashram’s Artist and Professional Retreats from her mother, Raine explains how her experience became a touchstone for herself. Read more »

D. Roberts – Musician
D. Roberts recently spent a couple of weeks at the Ashram on an Artist’s Retreat. She reflects on her experience. Read more »

Autumn Richardson – Poet
Poet, editor and publisher Autumn Richardson recently came to the Ashram from Britain for a month-long Artist Retreat. She and her husband Richard Skelton created Corbel Stone Press, which is based on their passion for nature, conservation and poetry. Read more »

Michaela Bekenn – Multidisciplinary Artist
Multidisciplinary artist Michaela Bekenn experienced a transformative journey in music and song during her Ashram Artist Retreat in April. Read more »

Elizabeth Burr – Artist
How does the Ashram environment create an inviting space to explore both creative and spiritual potential? Recent artist retreat guest, Elizabeth Burr from Vancouver Island, describes her experience. My three-week artist retreat has been an incredible, focused time – with … Read more » Read more »

Christine Gibson – Writer
Physician Christine Gibson’s experience in the Nepal earthquakes was the impetus for coming to the Ashram and renewing her commitment to writing in a fruitful artist retreat. Experiencing the earthquakes and observing the tragedy was really shattering for me. After returning to Canada I... Read more »

Vanessa Reid – Writer
Vanessa Reid works internationally in countries undergoing change and returned to Yasodhara Ashram to focus on her own Light in a Writer’s Retreat. She offers her perspective of the Ashram’s role in the world today. Read more »

Dayna Davis – Poet
Poet Dayna Davis from Cortez Island, was asked an intriguing question while she was at the Ashram for an Artist Retreat— Read more »

Sabina Walser – Writer
Montreal author, Sabina Walser, describes her recent Artist Retreat experience where she focused on her novel. Read more »