Learning Residencies

Here’s what our Learning Residents have to say about their experience.

2020 Garden Lead
Taking a leading role in the Yasodhara Ashram Garden is an ideal opportunity for you if want to experience living within a community setting while learning the technical aspects of growing food. Located in the rural community of Kootenay Bay, … Read more » Read more »

Authentic Learning for Youth
Justin Wesenberg arrived at the Ashram this spring to participate in a three-month Learning Residency to gain new skills in gardening. He found the learning environment to be “really authentic” and recommends it for young people. Read more »

Creating a Sacred Kitchen
Anne Calder is a Learning Resident in the kitchen and became inspired to write a series of articles that combines information about the Ashram approach to food with tips for readers. Here is her experience of sacredness in the daily ritual of meal preparation. Read more »

Creating Sacred Space
Maiya Irvine spent seven months at the Ashram as a Hospitality Learning Resident. Freshly graduated from high school, she came to the Ashram from across the country to learn about herself through living in a spiritual community. She reflects on her … Read more » Read more »

Fertile Learning Ground
Learning Residencies at the Ashram offer each participant the opportunity to take a leadership role in Ashram management and acquire applicable skills for the future. Read more »

Interns: Nurturing Tomatoes Leads to YDC
Kyle Atkinson and Tamara Jackson both recently completed eight-month internships and describe their process of living and learning at the Ashram. Read more »

Grounded and Balanced
Two months after joining the Ashram Internship program, Natalie Wall readily lists the advantages she’s discovered to living in spiritual community. Read more »

Karma Yoga – Just do it!
Molly Askey-Goldsbury has a message for anyone considering the Ashram as an intern or karma yogi: “Just do it.” Molly spent seven months as a kitchen-garden intern last year and has returned to lead the garden through the 2015 season. Read more »

Internship Program Flourishes
Internships at Yasodhara Ashram are spiritual and career/life development opportunities. This year the program expanded to include positions in accommodations, garden/orchard, grounds and kitchen/preserving kitchen. Molly Askey-Goldsbury of England liked balancing two internships – garden and kitchen – during her … Read more » Read more »

Spiraling Up Rachelle Premack
wenty-two year old Rachelle successfully applied for a Food Flow Internship and has been at the Ashram since June 2013. During a teacher’s strike at the University of Brandon, I made an important decision to apply to Katimavik’s “Eco-Citizenship and Active Living” program for... Read more »