Because hundreds of people visit the Ashram each year and because we hire locally and support local business, we have become one of the primary economic engines on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake.

We are proud to be part of our East Shore community and understand what it means to belong to a thriving community.

As such, we give back in as many ways as we can. Here are some of them:

  • We offer mentorships to Crawford Bay School and provide professional consultations in various areas, such as organic gardening and organizational development.
  • We are involved in the economic and community development of the East Shore through grassroots organization, serving on regional and community boards, facilitating funding and grants. We are actively building regional relationships, strengthening the resilience of our economic and social systems.
  • The Ashram hosts free community events several times a year, including the Strawberry Social, which attracts more than 300 people and showcases community bands and choirs. Proceeds from used book sales and garage sales are donated to community causes.
  • We are a model for environmental improvements and provide tours of energy efficient buildings and new installations so other groups and organizations can learn from the Ashram’s sustainability initiatives.
  • We work closely to build partnerships with local farmers in the Kootenays to supplement our own garden and orchard production. Besides reducing the ecological footprint and providing food security in the region, this expands the base for community-based development.
  • We participate in community initiatives such as the local invasive species programs, re-skilling workshops (canning, juicing, seed saving), seed exchanges and tool library.
  • We give yearly donations to local charities.