Ashram Attracts People from Around the World
The 10 Days of Yoga in August attracted a medley of international participants who enjoyed reflecting on their shared experience. Read more »

Decelerator: Innovative Retreat an Awesome Success
Our inaugural Decelerator Retreat in June was an awesome success. Dr. Don de Guerre, Concordia University professor in Montreal, joined Alicia Pace MA and Dan Seguin MA to lead the five-day retreat that encouraged professionals to slow down, rebalance and align inner intentions with... Read more »

Peeling Back the Layers
Over the past five years of teaching in the Yukon, Selena Burton has returned to Yasodhara Ashram each summer to help her understand and meet the challenges of her work. Read more »

Creating Spiritual Focus
When Tony and C.N. Dunne of Oregon thought about doing something special for their 20th wedding anniversary, they chose Yasodhara Ashram. Their four-day stay - Tony's first visit and C.N.'s "homecoming" - created a new bond between them. Read more »

Choosing the Light
Chuck (Charlie) McNab recognizes the power of choice that led him out of darkness to a new life path. Living at the Ashram for more than a year as a karma yogi, he seamlessly integrates Yasodhara Yoga practices with renewed practice of his aboriginal... Read more »

Turning Symbols Upside Down
Life Seals, one of Swami Radha’s original self-development courses, is offered twice this year, May 8 and July 27. Clare Bateson describes how one of the 27 symbols she drew in her Life Seals course in the Yoga Development Course (YDC) started to come... Read more »

Ten Life-Changing Days
Three women in the 2015 Yoga Development Course recently reflected on their experience of the 10 Days of Yoga as fertile ground for future growth. Read more »

It’s Not Just a Workshop, It’s My Life Clint Evangelista
A business professional from Calgary, Clint recently participated in the Power Pack, which includes Life Seals and Straight Walk, two of Swami Radha’s most powerful self-development workshops. Clint shares his experience. I feel held by the wisdom of the teachers … Read more » Read more »

Friends for 50 years at the Ashram’s 50th
Katherine Sage from Kitchener, Ontario has made five trips to the Ashram. This year two lifelong friends joined her, Evelyn Connell and Janice Works. This trio of friends participated in the 50th Anniversary Signature Course, “Who Am I?”. Katherine shares … Read more » Read more »