All of our guided retreats balance personal time with spiritual practice and community activities. These retreats are designed to help you go in-depth, giving you space to reconnect to an inner source of peace and wisdom.

Daily yoga classes, short workshops and Karma Yoga are included in your retreat. Meditation rooms are available for practice. Nourishing food and stunning natural beauty complete the perfect retreat from the everyday.

Each retreat has a unique focus. Choose the one that is right for you.

Bring a friend and both you and your friend will receive a 15% discount on your program. Learn more.

2020 Guided Weekend Retreat Dates

    • Equinox Retreat: Finding Balance

      Mar 20 – 23, Sept 18 – 21

    • Awakening Wonder

      Apr 17 – 20, Sept 11 – 14

    • Walking Together into a Hopeful Future 2020 – Women Sacred Rising

      Apr 24 – 26

    • Yoga & Healing

      May 1 – 4

    • Reclaiming the Feminine: Returning to the Heart

      May 8 – 11, July 26- 29

    • Stilling the Mind Retreat

      May 15 – 18, Oct 23 – 26

    • Coming Home, a retreat for the LGBTQ2S+community

      May 22 – May 25

    • Life Seals with Swami Samayananda

      May 29 – June 1

    • Transitions: Embracing Change

      June 5 – 8, Aug 14 – 17

    • Breath: Pathway to Peace

      June 12 – 15, Sept 25 – 28

    • Solstice Retreat: Renewing in the Light

      June 19 – 22

    • Relaxation Retreat

      June 26 – 29, Aug 28 – 31

    • Searching for Silence

      Jul 10 – 13


      Straight Walk: Gathering Facts, Finding Freedom

      Aug 7 – 10

    • The Healing Power Of Nature

      August 9 – 11

    • Ecological Grief: A Pathway to Resilience, Self and Earth Care

      Sept 25 – 28

    • Exploring Dream Messages

      Oct 16 – 19


“Yasodhara Ashram offers me that unique opportunity to step back for awhile from the business and stresses of everyday life. A chance to pause and reflect on who I am and where I’m going but most importantly it gives me a chance to ask who do I want to be and how can I live that.” JM, Stilling the Mind Retreat

The time I spent at the Ashram has deepened my connection to my higher Self and awakened a compassion for others. I have come away with many insights and clearer vision for the direction I am heading in my life. The beach, the mossy green forest, the consistent light and playful wildlife has inspired me greatly. The wisdom and grace of the devotees and teachers was a great thing to immerse in for a weekend.  JF, Stilling the Mind Retreat

I was in a stuck place. My grief and sadness had become a habit that I did not know how to change. Working with the practices – Divine Light Invocation, Mantra, Pranayama and Mind Watch – helped me to become receptive to insights that actually came through working in the garden. Clearing a bed to prepare it for new seeds was a tangible way for me to see how to let go of my losses and grief and to joyously anticipate a new beginning. AG, Yoga & Healing Retreat

The time spent here really taught me to nurture my own voice and my inner self. The group I was in really inspired me to become a more compassionate person.AO, Yoga & Healing Retreat

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Weekend retreat  $550*

*Package includes dinner on day of arrival, shared accommodation, three meals daily, morning hatha, workshops and evening satsangs. Optional hatha class and breakfast are included on day of departure. Private rooms are available for an additional fee, depending on availability.

A typical daily schedule while on a Guided Retreat:
Hatha Yoga – 6:50-7:50 a.m.
Breakfast – 8-8:30 a.m.
Karma Yoga (1 day) – 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.
Workshop – 10 or 11-12:30 p.m.
Lunch – 12:30 p.m.
Workshop – 3 or 4-5:30 p.m.
Dinner – 6 p.m.
Satsang – 7:30-8:30 p.m.

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